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Summer 'Runners: Keeghan Howdeshell

By: Walt Ruff
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Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images
Hockey will be back soon, Tucson. Until then, catch up with your favorite players in “Summer ‘Runners

Keeghan Howdeshell

2018-19: 46 Goals - 31 Assists - 77 Points in 66 Games with Soo (OHL)

This Summer In: Fenton, Michigan

Q: What’s there to do in Fenton, MI during the summer?
I live on a lake so there tons of sports activities – jetskiing, surfing and fishing, most importantly. That’s what I really like to do. I’ve got a lot of family that lives close by, so we like to get together but overall I spend the majority of my time on the lake relaxing when I’m not working out or skating.

Q: Most memorable thing from the summer?
I’ve gone to a few concerts this summer, the most notable one probably being The Goo Goo Dolls. They’re one of my favorite bands.

Q: Emotions when the contract got signed?
Obviously I was excited, it’s what I’ve been working for all my life. To be able to sign that was really special not only to me but for my family as well. They’ve all put forth an incredible amount of effort to help me get to where I am today. It was also relieving, but I know I’ve got a lot of work left to do.

Q: One of your teammates in Sault Ste. Marie was 2018 Coyotes first overall selection Barrett Hayton. What’s your relationship like with him?
It’s awesome. Barrett and I played together, we played on a line together for a little bit, probably a few months honestly, and we developed a good bit of chemistry. He’s obviously a very talented player and it was a privilege to be on the same line and create some of the things we did. It was special. To be in the same organization as him now is something that can help me in the long run, too. He’s a good guy, he was our captain last year. He’s approachable and he leads by example. He’s younger than I but he just has so much skill that he becomes a leader.

Q: What would you like to see from yourself in your first professional year?
Sometimes I get caught up in emotion and haven’t always done the right thing but I want to do the little things correctly and be confident in my game. It’s going to be a big factor for me going in. I’d like to take my production and efforts from last year and turn them into something even better at the pro level.

Q: For the fans in Tucson who don’t know you yet, how would you describe your game and the way you play?
I’m gritty. I like to be tough and strong in the corners. I can make plays, I can score goals but being a bigger guy at 6-foot-1, 205 pounds, I think my toughness is going to come a long way. I see the ice pretty well and I can make plays but above all I value my size and I want to use it.

Q: Going through your social media, it looks like you’re a fan of Mixed Martial Arts [MMA]?
Yeah, I just recently got into it, actually. My linemate last year [Philadelphia Flyers prospect] Morgan Frost got me into UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship]. You think about these sports like football and hockey and the toughness that goes into them but then you go and watch one of these events and it’s a real-life fight. I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I’m very deep into it now. The guys just have the biggest hearts and go into it with all they have. The first time I watched it with him, I just fell in love.

Q: Any personal favorites from the Octagon?
I like Conor McGregor, Max Holloway, Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, all those legends. Urijah Faber. Most importantly, I like them because they show up, give it everything and you can tell. That’s why they’re my favorites.


The fourth season of Roadrunners hockey in Southern Arizona gets underway Friday, October 18 as the club hosts the San Antonio Rampage, AHL affiliate of the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues at Tucson Arena. Ticket packages including opening night are on sale now under the Tickets tab atop your screen or by calling 866-774-6253.