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Summer 'Runners: Jordan Gross

By: Walt Ruff

Photo by Kate Dibildox

Summer ‘Runners Hockey will be back soon, Tucson. Until then, catch up with your favorite players in “Summer ‘Runners”

Jordan Gross
2018-19: 5 Goals - 20 Assists - 25 Points in 61 Games with Tucson

This Summer In: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Q: Summer’s coming to a close soon, has it been a successful one?

Yeah, it’s been good. I’ve been in Minnesota for the majority of it but I was down in Arizona for a week working out and skating with a couple young guys and [Coyotes Skating Coach] Lars Hepso. That was a good week. But I’m back in Minneapolis now and ready for the season to get going in a few months here.

Q: What’s a typical day like for you up north?

During the mornings I’ll work out, then skate a bit. After that, try and find a pool, hit the lake or find a golf course.

Q: How’s the golf game?

It can always be better. Couple good rounds, couple bad ones, need to work on the consistency.

Q: Most memorable thing you’ve done these past few months?

I went to Buffalo, New York for a week over the 4th of July with one of my college buddies. That was a lot of fun. It was my first time there, did some golfing, went out on the lake and enjoyed the holiday.

Q: Quick review of your first trip to Western New York?

The wings were very good and the people are great.

Q: Summer’s a good time for good music, what have you been listening to?

I’m a big fan of Kenny Chesney and Brooks & Dunn, those are kind of my top two right now.

Q: Let’s get to the hockey stuff. You’ve got a unique relationship with fellow defenseman Robbie Russo. Tell us about it.

Robbie is a great role model. I was fortunate enough to play with him my freshman year at Notre Dame and now my first year playing pro now. He’s really done a good job of kind of taking me under his wing and showing me the ropes to things. He helped make both transitions a ton easier.

Q: With that first pro year now in the rear-view mirror, how did it fair in comparison to what you thought it might be?

I expected it to be a challenge coming from college. The most games I had ever played in a year was 40 or so, so trying to get adjusted to that schedule and learning how much more you have to take care of your body, especially with the travel and how tough games can be on the body, that was the biggest thing coming in. After having a year of doing it, now I know what to expect a little better for my second year.

Q: Did that “wear and tear” become a big factor?

I don’t think it was too bad for me. Our staff was really good about managing it during the dog days of the season. [Roadrunners Strength & Conditioning Coach] Matt Harder did a nice job of helping us keeping our bodies right, teaching us what to do when we were feeling a certain way, but I don’t think it was too too bad. You definitely do get worn down playing that many games but you just have to focus on your own body and what you’re putting into it during those times.


The fourth season of Roadrunners hockey in Southern Arizona gets underway Friday, October 18 as the club hosts the San Antonio Rampage, AHL affiliate of the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues at Tucson Arena. Ticket packages including opening night are on sale now under the Tickets tab atop your screen or by calling 866-774-6253.