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Front Office

Jake Snyder

Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Phone: (520) 269 - 8778

Jake joined the Roadrunners in June 2018 from the University of Arizona, where he is currently studying Marketing at the Eller College of Management. Born in Los Angeles, he is currently affiliated with University of Arizona’s Sports Marketing Association, and formerly worked in Outbound Sales with their Athletic Department. Jake, an aspiring restaurateur, currently resides near campus and has a dog named Duke.
Favorite Thing About Tucson: How it can be 1,000 degrees at 10 AM and pouring rain and still 1,000 degrees at 10:30 AM
Favorite Animal: Roadrunners
Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys
Childhood Hero: Shaquille O’Neal
Nickname: I wish I had a cool nickname. If you would like to give me one, please email me: